Most established companies utilise domain based emails. And more often than not, they use Exchange Online as their email system. The Microsoft email platform allows organisations to leverage the power of a hosted email server without the capital costs and related maintenance expenses of an on-site email server. When the organisation uses Exchange Online, the email system will run on Microsoft Office 365 services.

Exchange Online is just one of the apps that come with Go Office 365 Malaysia suite. It is a hosted messaging app that provides businesses with a full-featured version of Microsoft Exchange Server. Some of its features include calendars, tasks, contacts, and email. There are several reasons why it is the go-to email system of companies across the globe.

Spam Free and Secure Email System

One of the concerns of businesses is the security of their emails. Microsoft Exchange comes with security measures that stop hackers from accessing users’ accounts. It protects both the company and the clients from future cyber security attacks. The email system also comes with filters that can be set to stop spam from getting into the inbox, or sent to the list of clients.

Spam emails can prevent employees from responding in a timely manner, which can affect the productivity of the workforce. Using an enterprise email platform would put the company in control of the system. Microsoft has a team of security experts monitoring the system all throughout the day and night. They will be on hand to check threats and problems flagged by users. That way they can nullify it before they become too big to handle.

Provide Full Control of the System

Once the Microsoft Exchange Online has been set up, and data of the organisation has been migrated, it requires little maintenance. And at the same time, the Microsoft email system provides all the features the company needs from an enterprise email system. Microsoft will take care of all patching and system updates in the future. The software giant will make sure that the system is running smoothly and up to date.

Improve Branding of Company

Organisations with their own email domain look more established and professional, compared to one that uses a free email provide such as Gmail or Yahoo mail. It also improves the reputation of the brand. Having a bespoke domain name will make it easier for existing and potential clients to remember the email.

Maintain Business Continuity

Organisations love having business continuity with their IT system. With the use of Microsoft Exchange Online, the software giant will take care of the continuity of the system. The end user doesn’t even have to lift a finger or invest in resources and time to do it. Microsoft’s infrastructure has been guaranteed to have disaster recovery capabilities and full redundancy. They also promise an uptime of 99.99 percent.

And the best part about Microsoft Exchange and the rest of Go Office 365 Malaysia suite is their flexibility. Per user licensing will help the organisation be in control of the expenses, with the option to lower or increase the number of inboxes when needed.