With all the different versions of Microsoft Office, it is difficult to keep track of all the useful features that are offered. Here are the Go Office 365 Malaysia tips that will help you make the most of this program.

It Bumps Up Your Microsoft Email Security

Sadly, most email users are still receiving emails containing malicious programs. Microsoft Exchange has been increasing new security features that can help email users avoid falling victim to these malicious programs. The main new security is the colour coding of the message.

The two colours that you should be avoiding are Red and Yellow. Red emails are suspicious and should be deleted as soon as possible. Yellow is not as bad, but you should be careful of them. Yellow stands for unknown email and will most times end up in your spam folder. You can move the email into your inbox by clicking on the option ‘It is not spam’ at the top of the email message.

Teach Your Microsoft Email to Declutter Itself

Spam and unwanted messages can easily end up in your inbox, and they can quickly add up. Instead of having to delete each email, you can have your Microsoft email remove the clutter for you. This is done with the feature called ‘Clutter,’ and you can set this feature’s rules. Once the rules are set, and the program learns what clutter is, it will move the emails to the ‘clutter’ folder. You can easily access this folder and delete or read the emails when you have time.

Multiple People can Work on the Same Document at the Same Time

One of the major updates to Office 365 web apps was the ability to have multiple people working on the same document at the same time. This is now done in real time, so you can see what is being done and helps avoid possible conflicts between the different versions of the file. This update makes it easy to work with people from around the world. The web apps also allow offline users to collaborate from many devices.

Accessing Files Offline

The Office Outlook app has a feature that will allow you to continue working in the app when you are offline. You will need to configure this in your app’s setting. It is simple to do because you just need to open your setting and click on Offline Setting. You just need click the ‘Turn on Offline Access’ button and then click OK or Save, depending on the version you are running.

If you are going to use this Microsoft email feature, you will need to have Chrome 16 or Internet Explorer 10 installed on your computer.

Office 365 can be a great tool for both businesses and individuals. There are many features that are hidden away that could make accessing your Microsoft email account easier. The combination of Microsoft Exchange and older versions of Office has made Office 365 an excellent tool, especially if you are getting the most from using it.