With Office 365 you can make sure you are updated at any moment, as you can stay focused to your work and take with you all the necessary applications you use on a daily basis. This way you can work from home or from office, using the same apps and all your workload concentrated in one place. You may use Skype for your business conference calls, exchange online emails or use the extra storage that Office Online offers you through the OneDrive application for business.

Which Devices Support Go Office 365

Apart from your desktop version that it is always updated, you can now check your daily tasks whenever you have installed the Office 365. You can have Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, and Publisher. They are now available in all devices, to Macs, Android tablets, smartphones, iPad or iPhone. The latest updates are always available to all these devices, as well as to your initial Go Office 365for your desktop.

Does Office Online Require Internet Connection?

Internet connection is required in order to install the Office 365and be able to use them while on the go. Your accounts will be updated automatically to every internet available spot. If you want to enter the cloud services, you will also need to have an internet connection. Use Office Online for your emails, for the business conference and your IT management.

Download Office 365 Premium

If you want to upgrade this version and take advantage of the provided benefits, you can download Office 365 Business Premiums or Office 365 Enterprise. This way, you can work offline and ensure that once you get online again, all your workload will be automatically saved and updated.

Office Online helps you work with efficiency and saves your work automatically. The next moment you will log in, your work will be saved, the updates will be completed, and you will have in your hands the latest version in all the helpful tools of Office 365.

Go Office 365 for Smartphones

For all smartphones, Android and iPhone, Go Office has already created ready to use apps in order to have all the important documents and apps in one place. Touch-friendly Word and Excel are now available to your fingertips. Use Word in your smartphone and make all necessary format changes so that the document will look great when you open it on your desktop version.

Use PowerPoint on your phone and prepare your presentation before you even reach your office. Your presentation will be ready to be projected in the big conference screen. Go Office offers you all the useful apps in your phone so that you can always be updated in the current events of your office. Microsoft Outlook will help you stay connected with all your co-workers, send your emails and save your workload or notes before you go to your office desktop.